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Rexco Mobile Notary - a full service notary public 

R M N is a full-service notary public committed to solutions for your notary needs.  Not only witnessing/notarizing: Experienced with apostilles;  Administering oaths for over-the-phone testimony in judicial cases; and more . . .

RMN strives to give value to our customers . . .

"For an affordable and experienced, and privacy-compliant full-service notary public that comes to where you or your important customers are to witness/notarize signatures RMN is here for you.  Notaries work in a document-rich environment and RMN is the top professional service that you're looking for."  Miles F Holden
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How Can RMN Be Of Service To You?

RMN can be of service When. . .  

. . . Your residential purchase, sale or refinance including reverse mortgage needs a very experienced former Washington Limited Practice Officer to handle this crucial step in the final stages of the transaction.  In addition Rexco offers document printing to meet your need of last moment document preparation to ensure that important transaction is successful every time.

. . . Your commercial real estate transaction is about to close and you need a very experienced former Limited Practice Officer who is available to travel to a location convenient to your client to meet them for a closing. Dropping off completed docs at a Fedex or UPS for quick return is common.

... Yourself or a family member or relative is hospitalized, or in hospice or assisted-living and needs professional notary assistance. Let RMN come to your assistance especially when a solution-oriented notary service to assist you with your needs to the fullest extent under Washington notary practise. RMN can utilize the full extent of available notary language allowed by Washington state notary law to ensure successful notarization of your or your ailing relatives' signature especially when physically incapacitated.

. . . Your important business or government documents need that special extra dash of experienced notarial care.             

... Your business has a time crunch and a staff notary is not available to get docs notarized.

... The bank where you've been a customer won't agree to notarize your important personal or legal documents and time is running short.

... You need copies of your documents certified/conformed by a notary public.

... Your foreign-language document needs to be notarized.  RMN has notarized documents required by Asian, Latin American, European and African customers in many instances.

... You, or you and your spouse, have prepared your Will as well as other end-of-life contingency documents. RMN can assist with notarizing your will and even with one witness (two is pretty difficult to manage!)

... You require a raised seal embosser in addition to the standard ink notary seal.



RMN is very affordable.  RMN accepts credit cards, personal or business checks or cash.  Fees are based upon standard Washington state costs with a graduated discount for members of the general public.


Canadian Dollar OK (at current exchange rate)

Services not offered

Rexco Mobile Notary is not able to give a legal opinion on any document. For that please consult your advisor, agent or representative.  This includes the selection or preparation of any documents affecting your legal rights.

Please be aware that some government-issued documents are subject to restrictions as to copying.  RMN can help you find the appropriate Federal or state agency to contact as needed.